Down for Reconstruction and Expansion is the site for Mathew Abonyi: writer, programmer, game designer, traveller.

This site used to be just a blog for Ruby programming, relatively popular and respected for explanations and techniques.

Myself, Mathew Abonyi, my general pseudonym, am first and foremost a writer: fictitious, credible grandeloquent and thought-provoking art, deeply influenced by Modernism, Romanticism, Shakespeare, much life packed into a very short period and a life that is quite unique, perhaps incomprehensible to many (though I will try my best in those areas to explain).

To contact me, mabonyi [at] will work, but please include in the email subject: MABS.

Plan for the new site:

As one will notice, my old blog only had shown such a tiny slice of my life, the least important one of it in fact. With writing since 18, travelling 5 continents and dozens of countries, living in Paris, London, Berlin, Lisbon, NYC, LA, at time of writing so far, over 2 years total of extensive travelling off the beaten track; education at UCL for Literature, self-taught Latin in a year at university standard; and many other aspects to myself that may be of even the slightest interest to another person, I shall now endeavour to publicise.

This site used to be a Typo 3 blog just about Ruby programming; something Mathew Abonyi at the time of which was very involved. This part will be restored as a subsection and programming comment continued. To the thousands who read my blog in those days, I apologise for my disappearance,